Tour Classification

 The walking tours created by WALKS-4-U are suitable for walkers of every age. To enjoy walking, a certain fitness is required but you can gain this easily by doing regular walks in you home country.

It should also be mentioned, that with a few exceptions, every stretch of our walking holidays can either be shortened or fully covered by taking a bus and/or train, allowing you to stay dry in case the weather plays havoc or in case you simply need a resting day. Furthermore, we have for most days a suggestion for a shorter alternative walk in case of rain.

All WALKS-4-U walking weeks are classified into three categories:


As the name suggests: these tours can be considered easy with relatively short days and plenty of time to get from A to B. All “Easy Tours” feature a day at your disposal: you can either relax but you are also given a suggestion of two day walks to choose from.

The tours currently available in this category are:

Walker’s Joy Tours

On “Walker‘s Joy Tours”, there are daily distances of 5 to 6 hours to be covered, but on most days, you also have the possibility of shortening the walks by using public transport. Occasionally, there are tougher daily stretches with longer walking hours and/or climbs of more than 1000 m altitude, but in most of these cases, an alternative, i.e. shorter and easier route is suggested.

The tours currently available in this category are:

Mountain Trek Tours

The “Mountain Trek Tours” are for the more ambitious walkers involving longer days and/or a limited choice of short cuts and alternative routes. Certain fitness is required to enjoy these tours, but regular walkers will not have a problem covering the daily stretches.

The tours currently available in this category are: