MT02: Bear-Trek

The day walk from Mürren through the "Sefinental" offers the feeling of remoteness.

 The region around Interlaken with the two lakes of Brienz and Thun, is situated at the foot of the mighty trio of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau and belongs to the most spectacular landscapes in the world. The immense black North face of the Eiger is a true challenge to any mountaineer – and the ride on the train from Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen up to the Jungfraujoch (3454 meters) simply is a must-to-see for visitors to Switzerland.

This walk is available in a “Standard” and in an “upgraded” Version. The two itineraries differ slightly on days 4 and 5. The differences are outlined below.

The “Bear Trek” is a classic route taking your right through this area, giving you the chance to marvel at these gigantic mountains during your six-day walk that links Interlaken with Kandersteg. The walk actually starts on the summit of the Schyinge Platte and leads you over the long ridge leading to the Faulhorn, where a classic hotel caters to walkers, actually one of the oldest mountain hotels in Switzerland. Via Grindelwald and the Kleine Scheidegg (from where the trains to Jungfraujoch depart) you reach Mürren, a traffic free, beautifully located village high above the Lauterbrunnen valley. The last two days finally lead you over two fairly challenging mountain passes: first it’s the “Sefinefurgge” from which you descend to the beautiful Griesalp, where you spend a quiet, relaxing night before you tackle the last mountain pass, the “Hohtürli” which takes you to your final destination, Kandersteg.


  Interlaken > Faulhorn > Grindelwald > Kleine Scheidegg/Wengen > Mürren > Griesalp > Kandersteg.
  Category III: Mountain-Trek Tours.
  Daily 06/07/2024 through 21/09/2024 (arrival-dates).
  6 x Hotels, 1 x Guesthouse.
  Version "Standard": 7 x Breakfast, 1 x Dinner. Version "Upgrade": 7 x Breakfast, 2 x Dinner.
  No luggage transfer to Faulhorn (day 2); otherwise daily luggage transfers.
  Version "Standard": CHF 1'225.00 per person for parties of 2, CHF 1'125.00 per person for parties of 4; from Interlaken/to Kandersteg. Version "Upgrade": CHF 1'375.00 per person for parties of 2, CHF 1'275.00 per person for parties of 4; from Interlaken/to Kandersteg.

Customer Feedback

“We had a fantastic time while visiting Switzerland. The Bear-Trek walk was an incredible experience. Faulhorn was a highlight for us. The views were spectacular and it was just ourselves and a few other people to enjoy them. The accommodations were all very good. We also had a wonderful time!”



Day 1: Interlaken. Fly into Zurich and travel by train to Interlaken a lively and beautifully situated small city between the shores of two lakes.

Day 2: Interlaken – Faulhorn. Start your day with a slow, but spectacular train ride from Interlaken via Wilderswil to the top of the Schynige Platte. Here you are so close to the gigantic trio of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau that you can almost touch their icy surface! Enjoy the unobstructed views on your walk on the high route to the mountain guesthouse on the peak of the Faulhorn (no luggage transfer).

Day 3: Faulhorn – Grindelwald. After a hearty breakfast, you have the choice of several alternatives to walk from the Faulhorn down to Grindelwald, your destination for tonight. The most leisurely possibility will take you down the slope with the help of a cable car, the most challenging one will take you first to the mountain pass of Grosse Scheidegg, from where you walk down to Grindelwald, a walk that takes about 6 hours to complete.

Day 4: Grindelwald – Wengen (standard) or Kleine Scheidegg (upgrade): Of course, there is the possibility to travel from Grindelwald to the Kleine Scheidegg by train, but it’s definitively more rewarding to tackle this ascent by human power, as it gives you so many more opportunities to stop and marvel at the tremendous, black North face of the Eiger, towering above your heads. On your walk to Kleine Scheidegg, you also have the possibility to walk along the “Eiger Trail” which takes you particularly close to the foot of the Eiger North Face. If you have booked the standard itinerary of this walk, you board a train on Kleine Scheidegg and travel down to Wengen, a train ride of approx. 30 minutes (included in the price). In the upgraded version, you spend the night in an historic 4-star hotel on the Kleine Scheidegg, which is also the base for mountaineers attempt-ing to climb the famous and challenging Eiger North Face.

Day 5: Kleine Scheidegg / Wengen – Mürren. From the Kleine Scheidegg respectively from Wengen, you walk down to Lauterbrunnen directly, or you follow the more spectacular route which leads you downhill close to one of the highest waterfalls in the region. Either way, you then follow the bottom of the valley to Stechelberg, from where your climb up to Mürren starts. Again, a cable car is a welcome alternative to get to Mürren. The village of Mürren is big enough to offer some enter-tainment and small enough to still be very cosy. It is also one of eight Swiss villages which are free of motor traffic.

Day 6: Mürren – Griesalp. The first part of your walk takes you over Alpine meadows and past the Schilthorn, a mountain which has become famous all over the world, albeit under the name of “Piz Gloria”, when sequences of the film “On her majesty’s secret service”, starring George Lazenby as James Bond were shot up here. You gain altitude quickly then on your steady climb towards the “Sefinefurgge”, the mountain pass that opens to the neighbouring Kiental, where the Griesalp is located, your destination for the day.

Day 7: Griesalp – Kandersteg. Dwarfed by the huge mass of the Blüemlisalp, another 4000er of the Bernese Oberland Alps, you ascend to the “Hohtürli” pass (2778m), a saddle which offers you again a fantastic view of the impressing panorama with the white, ice-covered mountains the surround you. Through a rocky, wild landscape, past the tongue of the Blüemlisalp glacier, you descend now into the neighbouring valley and reach the shore of the very lovely Lake Oeschinensee. Its waters are cold but still make for a nice and welcome stop to cool off your feet, before you walk (or take the cable car…) down to Kandersteg, a charming village with lots of wooden chalets, for which this region is famous for.

Day 8: Return.