MT03: Strada del Sole

 This tour combines the fantastic, well known area of the upper Engadine valley which is best known for the resort town of St. Moritz, where ski world cup races have taken place as recently as 2004. More interesting perhaps is the fact, that the upper Engadine valley consists of a broad plain, which has partially been filled by no less than four lakes, that lie in a row on the valley floor like pearls on a string.

The landscape gets even more attractive by the backdrop of superb mountains, many of which are higher than 4000 metres and needless to say that peaks of this magnitude are covered under eternal snow and ice. Pine and fir tree forest further add to the attractiveness of the area! The upper Engadine valley is divided by a mountain pass called the Malojapass, which is fairly level on its Eastern side, but features a sheer drop down its Western slope. It leads into the Val Bregaglia, an Italian speaking valley which has been carved deeply into the mountains. Famous climbing peaks such as the Monte Disgrazia or the Badile tower above the Val Bregaglia – peaks that definitively are beyond the reach of any walker, but who cares – they are simply breathtaking to look at. You are sure to fully enjoy the Italian charm and the wild character of this little known valley on the edge of Switzerland.

The walk starts on Muotas Muragl, offering marvellous views over the Engadine valley.


  Pontresina > Sils Maria > Val Fex > Maloja > Vicosoprano > Soglio.
  Category III: Mountain-Trek Tours.
  Daily 06/07/2024 through 21/09/2024 (arrival-dates).
  7 x Hotels.
  7 x Breakfast, 2 x Dinner.
  Daily luggage transfer.
  CHF 1’225.00 per person for parties of 2, CHF 1'175.00 per person for parties of 4; from Samedan/to Soglio.

Customer Feedback

“I thought you would like to know that we had a great time doing the “Strada del Sole”, even though sunshine was in rather short supply. Chesa Pool (Hotel in Fextal) is a super place and the staff could not have been more helpful. We returned home with very happy memories.”



Day 1: Pontresina. Travel via Zurich Airport by train to Pontresina, a lively little town in the upper Engadine valley.

Day 2: Samedan – Pontresina. A very short train or bus-ride takes you from Pontresina to Punt Muragl, from where a steep cable car brings you up to Muotas Muragl (2453 m), a place offering views which are simply breathtaking: you overlook most of the area which you will get to know much better during the following days. High above the valley, you walk almost level to Alp Languard, about 2 hours away (there is also a longer alternative, taking 4 h). From here, you either descent by cable car to Pontresina or start the real challenge by climbing the Piz Languard (3262 m)! Continue from the summit down into the Val da Fain and end your walk in Bernina Suot, from where a train ride takes you to Pontresina.

Day 3: Pontresina – Sils Maria. An easy walk through the spectacular and very romantic Val Roseg awaits you this morning. If you prefer it to be even more romantic, take a horse carriage from Pontresina to the Restaurant Roseg, which in any case is a good place for a rest. Start from there the ascent to Fuorcla Surley and enjoy the views of the glaciers and peaks which form the inner end of the valley. Descent from Fuorcla Surley over the Alpine meadows and later in the cover of the trees down to Sils Maria which is situated near the shore of a beautiful lake (shortcut by cable car possible).

Day 4: Sils Maria – Val Fex. An easy stroll leads you into the Val Fex, a secluded, very beautiful valley where cars are not allowed to enter. The direct walk to your hotel takes less than an hour, giving you the chance to explore the valley in a leisurely way. Alternatively, you venture uphill to Furtschellas and walk through truly Alpine terrain, past a marvellous mountain lake down into the Val Fex, which by the way means “Valley of the sheep”.

Day 5: Val Fex – Maloja. Via the long ridge of Muott Ota, you reach Isola, a small dwelling built on a delta that one of the small mountain rivers has filled into the Lake da Segl. Continue along the lake shore to Maloja.

Day 6: Maloja – Vicosoprano. The village of Casaccia is the gateway to the Val Bregaglia and is located at the foot of the Maloja Pass. There are several ways to get there from Maloja: a romantic one is the detour via the fantastic little lake Lai da Cavloc, a very popular picture on calendars in Switzerland, and you’ll soon find out why. Definitively more challenging is the climb via Pass Lunghin to the Septimerpass which was built centuries ago by the Romans. Don’t miss the possibility to climb Piz Lunghin (2780m), offering fantastic views! From the Septimerpass, a long but fairly gentle descent takes you to Casaccia. From the village of Casaccia it’s a further but easy hour to Vicosoprano, where your hotel is located at.

Day 7: Vicosoprano – Soglio. Walk the high route on the northern slope of the valley through forests of chestnut trees and enjoy the absolutely stunning panorama over the towering peaks of the Bregaglia mountain chain, whose cliffs are well known among climbers from all over Europe. The walk is called “La Panoramica” and this for very good reason. You won’t be disappointed by the views and the walk but expect even more from Soglio, an absolutely charming little village, situated on a natural balcony high above the valley grounds. The “La Panoramica” track is easy walking, perfect for a more relaxing day, but of course, we also have a suggestion for a more challenging way to get to Soglio!

Day 8: Return. A long journey takes you via St. Moritz to Zurich Airport. Please note that the earliest you can be at the Airport is 14.45 h on a Sunday and on 12.45 h during weekdays. An additional night in Zurich may therefore be necessary.

From Maloja, there is the option to continue the walk over the Lungin Pass from where you descend into the Valle Bregaglia.