WT04: Lake Lugano Walk

 Malcantone and Mendrisiotto are the southernmost regions of the Ticino, where Italian is spoken and where the influence of the Mediterranean life style is universally evident. This is the part of Switzerland, which enjoys the most hours of sunshine in the country, and the lush, almost tropical vegetation featur-ing even palm and fig trees is a living proof, that nature is kind to the flora and to people alike in these southern latitudes.

Even though the main valleys around the centre of Lugano are densely populated, you will be surprised how quickly you leave the bustling, small city behind you and reach secluded, small villages, nestled in large forests of chestnut trees, where time seems to have stopped a long time ago. Our “Southern Delights” tour leads you to the mountainous areas in the vicinity of the fjord-like Lake Lugano and includes one night in the city of Lugano, which will be an interesting contrast to the picturesque and tiny towns that you also encounter during your walk trough the Tropics of Switzerland.


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 Tesserete > Lugano > Morcote > Rovio > Sagno > Lugano.
 Category II: Walker’s Joy-Tours.
 Daily 29/05/2021 through 25/09/2021.
 5 x Hotels, 2 x Guesthouse.
 7 x Breakfast, 3 x Dinner.
 Daily luggage transfer.
 CHF 995.00 (€ 925.00) per person for parties of 2, CHF 915.00 (€ 845.00) per person for parties of 4; from Tesserete/to Sagno.

Customer Feedback

“We have returned safely home. We have enjoyed our stay and walks in Switzerland tremendously. Thanks once again for your accurate and thoughful role in our expedition to wonderful Ticino.”



Day 1: Tesserete. Travel by train form either Zurich or Malpensa (Milano) Airport to Lugano and continue for a short bus ride to Tesserete. This is a small town in the outskirts of Lugano, well situated as starting place for the walks of the next two days.

Day 2: Tesserete. Take the bus to Bidogno, from where you will start the ascent to one of the major vantage points in the region, the Monte Bar, which is part of the mountain chain enclosing the beautiful Val Colla like a horseshoe. From the top of the peak, walk on the high level route until you descend to the village of Colla at the inner end of the valley. Return by bus to Tesserete for a second night in the beautiful, vintage style Hotel Tesserete.

Day 3: Tesserete – Lugano. Take the bus to Cimadera, from where the track climbs to the “Denti della Vecchia” (Old people’s teeth) mountain group. Its name reveals already a lot about these unique rocky columns that raise from the forest covered hills like needles or – perhaps more accurately – like the stumps of old teeth. The walk along the mountain ridge past the mighty limestone columns is un-forgettable. Having finished this stretch, a last effort awaits you, the climb of the Monte Boglia, which offers marvellous views over the Lake and the city of Lugano. Walk down from its summit to the tiny village of Brè, from where a “funiculario” conveniently helps you down to the city. Explore the old part of this town with its narrow lanes, look at the small shops with their mouth-watering displays of the typical food specialities, or enjoy a stroll along the shores of the Lake. Your hotel is situated in Lugano-Paradiso, at the foot of the Monte San Salvatore.

Day 4: Lugano – Morcote. Walk (or take the funicular) to the top of Monte San Salvatore, the land-mark of Lugano, which prominently overlooks the fjord-like Lake Lugano. Visit the Nature Park on top of the mountain, before you continue an easy stroll under the canopy of shading trees to Morcote. This former fishing village was discovered by tourism in the 19th century already but has managed to maintain its picturesque and romantic character, which has attracted painters as much as lovers ever since.

Day 5: Morcote – Rovio. The day begins with a cruise as you will have to cross the lake in order to start today’s walk. The dome shaped mountain is called Monte San Giorgio and is primarily famous for the numerous, extremely well preserved skeletons of pre-historic animals that have been found here. Excavation still continues and if you are interested, you may visit a small museum in Meride giving you further information about the animals, that have been so beautifully preserved in these rocks over mil-lions of years. From Meride, the walk takes you down to the plains of the Mendrisiotto, a densely populated area. Continue your walk along the slopes of Monte Generoso to Rovio, a small, beautiful village situated on a natural terrace above the Lake where you will enjoy the amenities of your comfort-able hotel.

Day 6: Rovio – Sagno. This day is certainly a challenge, since the walk from Rovio to the top of Monte Generoso involves a climb of about 1100 meters. However, there is also a small train working its way up to the peak and you of course are free to accept its help for at least part of the journey. Monte Generoso is the last major mountain of the Southern Alps and it stands right at the edge of the enormous plain created by the Italian River Po. The views from Monte Generoso are simply breathtaking. The ascent of the summit of the Monte Generoso is started from the railwaystation of Bellavista (meaning beautiful view) to which you return. From here, your walk continues down to the charming village of Monte and further on to Campora. A short but steep drop follows, down to the river Breggia which flows through a narrow valley. The track now climbs to the village of Caneggio (exactly opposite Campora) and now, Sagno, your destination for today, is not very much further away.

Day 7: Sagno. From the doorstep of the Osteria, where you stay, you start the walk to the top of the Monte Bisbino, a summit already on the Italian side of the border, offering marvellous views over Lake Como and the vast Italian plains along the river Po, but also to the North and the mountains of the Alps. From the Monte Bisbino, you return to the Swiss side and then descend into the Valle di Muggio, to Bruzzella, the village where you finished the walk the day before. This time however, you continue and walk all the way back to Sagno where you will enjoy the hospitality of the Osteria Ul Furmighin for a second time.

Day 8: Return.